A letter from our team

Dear friends,

Wow. We are truly giddy with excitement over what’s in our near future for Ko’ox Boon. And that’s because it’s all about YOU (um, you actually probably just got a text). Our brand new 50//50 project brings things back stateside, and asks you to break out your dusty paintbrushes and hacksaws. We want to talk to you, get involved in your process, and help you sell your art as you collaborate with our outreach program.

In December, we (along with exciting collaborators!) are hosting an art sale in Jackson, Mississippi, which embodies the mission of our organization--To cultivate artistic expression both global and local through the generation of creative economy. We want to work with you to mine your creative talents and multiply the impact of your work. The 50//50 project generates a market for your art and fundraises for our outreach project, returning 50% of the proceeds back to you, and sending 50% to pumping up the creative economies in underserved communities like Yaxhachen!

Your creative energy animates imagination.

Stay connected with us as we make big announcements regarding your involvement with the 50//50 project.

We can’t wait to paint with you,

Mandi, Allie & Phillip