Spring Break

Spring Break Forever: Alex & Shaun's Foto Blog

Adventures of Alex & Shaun, circa SB2k15.

Adventures of Alex & Shaun, circa SB2k15.

Ko’ox Boon Kamp Kounselors Shaun McDonough & I were lucky enough to spend our spring break together this year, and we took some photos to share with all our friends on the  Arte y Vida blog! We packed an impressive amount of adventures into one short week, and spent a lot of time planning our lessons for camp & calling our fellow Ko’ox Booners.  When not researching the Yucatán or creating lessons, nostros fuimos a la playa y el manatiel. We also brushed up on our Spanish by visiting a restaurant called “Latin American Restaurant Cafe” on the side of the road, and had amazing plantains. (It made me really miss the Yucatán!) I also apparently turned twenty one, but forgot to have more than one drink. 

My favorite part of the break was probably when I convinced Shaun’s roommate to get a Lil Bub tattoo, or all the free time we had to create summer camp lesson plans! My least favorite part was when I found out Shaun hasn’t seen most of Harry Potter or even read the series. (He thought there were fifteen of the movies.)

I asked Shaun what his favorite part was, and he said "spending the day with my favorite person on Satellite beach ( my favorite beach) was the most enjoyable day of spring break. Being able to relax, have no obligations to worry about, and take a leisurely ride back to South Florida was exactly what I needed.  Even though the only place to eat was a Waffle House with a sticky floor, it was an excellent adventure."

Shaun & I really love photography & documentary making, so we couldn't resist sharing a few shots from this spring break.