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Method: GoPro Hero 4 camera, attached by head strap, bicicleta. Assignment: you have 10 minutes to show the world your favorite spots in Yaxhachen. In this video, 11 year old Enrique Xul Us, takes us on a bike ride through the pueblo where he was born and raised. The sights he reveals are enthralling -- traditionally constructed palapa houses, big beautiful Yucatan sky, and even a flash of the mural that Enrique painted this past summer with Ko'ox Boon in the Yaxhachen centro. Most importantly, we see Yaxhachen desde sus ojos... from his eyes.

Making Light in Yaxhachen

Making Light in Yaxhachen

The gods sold their lot to coca-cola. A wedge in an ever-growing crack between the people and their land. A river of coke, Lays potato chips, and powdered donuts flows throughout the tiny tiendas of Yaxhachen, and on the other side of the river is a bed of knowledge on how to healthfully live off of the land.