Food Culture in Yaxhachen

Sara Sacks leads us through a day of food preparation in a household in Yaxhachen, Ko'ox Boon's first target community, located deep in the rural hills of Yucatán. She makes insights about indigenous stigmas surrounding food preparation on an open fire, the closeness of a family to the process of food production & just how delicious traditional Yucatecan food can be! Dive straight in & take a look at her insightful, honest take on the social & cultural implications of food preparations. Enjoy! 

Sara Sacks graduated from Millsaps College in 2013, with a B.A. in Communications Studies. Since then, she has been exploring and soaking up Yucatecan culture as the Director of the Millsaps Rural Youth Scholarship Program & Ko'ox Boon Director of Creative Education. This summer, she will teach a six week video & photography course to KB kids during Camp Ko'ox. In the Fall, she plans to accept a Graduate Teaching Fellowship at the University of Oregon in the Communications Studies M.A. program. Felicidades, Sara, we are so grateful for the light that you've brought into our lives! May your path lead you back to Yaxhachen time & time again. We love you :)

Sara Sacks, from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, kickin' it with Vivian, Yaki (the dog), Lidi, Betsy & Wilbur