50-50-LogoOur mission is to cultivate creative expression both global and local through the generation of creative economy. We are embarking on a series of projects that seek to carry out the mission by creating a dialogue within our cities. Work with us to lean into our creative centers and help them to grow and expand into rural Yucatan.

We want to plug into your projects and celebrate them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the 50//50 project? The idea for the 50//50 Project came from our friends, who helped us out in our outreach program in Yaxhachen. They are all artists, from Merida to New York state, who came to work with us and mentor young, budding artists. Together, they all had a heightened, creative experience sharing paintbrushes. We want to celebrate the artists that inspire and connect with us by promoting their art and spreading their ideas through community-based efforts.

Did I hear someone say “art sale”? In December, we are hosting a live auction event that sells artwork created by artists from our local communities (which, turns out, are pretty far reaching in themselves, from New York to NOLA through Jackson and Louisville) and connects artists directly with consumers. Artists then receive 50% of the auction price for their artwork, and 50% of the price goes toward funding our outreach program.

How does 50//50 affect our daily lives? On another level, the initiative asks us to rethink the way that we consume. Together, we will readjust our patterns of consumption as we awaken awareness about what sort of economies we are supporting when we buy a product. How many hands did this product touch before we bought it? Were the makers in creative control?

What is the outreach program? Our outreach program revives public spaces and provides art supplies and workshops to underserved populations like those in Yaxhachen, Yucatan. Last summer, we did just that with great results, and we want to harness the connections that we made last summer to grow out from there.

50//50 and ME? What do you mean? You ARE 50//50! More details coming soon.