The importance of your gift to the future of the Maya speaking children of Yaxhachen is indescribable. With your help, we can provide a unique educational experience for an entire community. 

Your donation does more than buy Crayons; it provides supplementary education and leadership opportunities for our local collaborators. Last year during our 2nd annual Camp, we renovated an abandoned public building, restored electricity, constructed raised beds for a garden, and painted seven murals--which resulted in a publically-owned cultural center, called "Casa YAXHA." 

We snacked on fruit & explored our place within the solar system. Mothers and fathers organized weaving workshops & volunteer work days. During the Camp, local community members collaborated with creatives traveling from all different places to come together and create positive social impact. We interacted with social, economic and educational imbalances, sparking discourse & raising awareness. These dialogues have resulted in real social change, like increased consumption of clean water & higher enrollment rates in girl's education.

Camp Ko'ox is a part of a larger set of initiatives, which are constituted through various programs throughout the year, like our Artist in Residency program, operations & local management of Casa YAXHA (est. 2015), community-organized volunteer days, & health initiatives: increasing consumption of clean drinking water, hand washing with soap & toothbrushing. 

YAXHA Bordados

Ko'ox Boon also helped to establish YAXHA Bordados, a brand of ethically created pocket t-shirts, featuring artisanal embroidery on the pockets. YAXHA Bordados now provides jobs for nine artisans. 

Located outside of cell service & largely outside of government support, Yaxhachen hosts unique social problems, which can only be targeted through innovative programming designed through an interactive discussion with community members, like what we do here at Ko'ox Boon. By making even a small donation, you are contributing greatly to the Ko'ox Boon cause. We are ready to grow, will you help us? 

Our Future is Bright

Our third annual Camp Ko'ox 2016 is set to be a bang! Counselor training will take place from June 27-30 in Mérida & Yaxhachen. Daily Camp activities run from July 4-29 at the Casa YAXHA in the pueblo centro. On July 30, the Camp participants will host family, friends & visitors for it's presentation of El Museo en Vivo, an exhibit of culture & creativity, featuring murals, photography, video & interactive spacial installations. We can't wait to see you there! 

Click through to see more portraits of Camp Ko'ox 2015 participants! 

Click through to see more portraits of Camp Ko'ox 2015 participants! 

drum roll... 

Camp Ko'ox Counselor Squad 2016!